Saturday, June 28, 2008

This is Deusi out of Natasha by Ikoon. "Didi" has a really impressive pedigree loaded with predicates. She is very bold and friendly, has a gorgeous refined head and lovely movement.
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Thursday, June 26, 2008


NO foal. Mark agreed the mare sure looks pregnant.

Instead she has a follicle on the right ovary and a relaxed cervix.

So do we do something or sit the year out and hope for a better economy?

Monday, June 23, 2008

One of my favorite photos of Toby by Riverman.
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This is Tiffany Beck riding Toby in a show last summer. Toby is the first offspring out of Mariah so he is a half-brother to Zip Code, Abigail and Bonnie Bedelia. Tiffany took a year off to have her own baby so they are showing at 3rd level and determined to go FEI. Go Tiffany and Toby!
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Some of the youngsters, from left, Bonnie Bedelia by Pablo, Dylano by Pablo and Abigail by Iroko.

All three are grandchildren of Pilot, the famous Westphalian jumper sire.
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Friday, June 20, 2008

Zip Code with Meg

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Viroko with his new owner

Here is Viroko with his new owner Chandre. They are a super match. He is a big boy with plenty of bravado and Chandre is an experienced rider from South Africa.
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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

2008 filly by Ikoon out of Natasha. Photo take June 4. Filly born on May 10.
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Abigail --sire is Iroko Keur, dam is Mariah Ster. She is 3 in June of '08.
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Bonnie Bedelia AKA Bon Bon -- sire Pablo, dam Mariah Ster.
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Words from a German re Rohdiamant as the best Rubenstein son

certainly rohdiamant.
the statistics speak a clear language:
40 licensed sons
510 registered mares
73 of them stpr
251 registered sport horses in 2007and even more valuable:45 of his get competing in S-level.can't beat that number.
i googled the net out of fun these days for foals by rohdiamant: you can't find any for sale.

We have 2 Rohdiamont grandsons for sale, Zippy and Ripley.

Why shop for your horse in the USA? (copied from a forum)

At today’s exchange rate:
$50,000 US = 32,338 Euros
$75,000 US = 48,407 Euros

If you are looking at paying 32,000 Euros for the horse, it is probably priced BY ITS OWNER at 15,000E – 25,000E, with commissions accounting for the rest. If you are lucky and have very good contacts and a good agent, you could probably find a “decent” 7-8 year old in that price range.

If you are willing to pay 50,000E for the horse, it is probably priced BY ITS OWNER at 25,000E – 35,000E. That would get you something a bit fancier, or something with a solid M show record, or something not as experienced but with an AA temperament and still enough talent to make FEI.

... Just remember that importation to NY plus USDA quarantine is running about $7000 now.

More info on the famous grandsire, Libero H

New super photos of Zip Code (thanks Jake)- click on View All Images" height="360" width="480">

Zip training with Meg

Zip training with Meg