Wednesday, July 23, 2008

We lost our Corli

RIP baby girl Corli

May 2003-July 2008

I put up a photo of Corli taken on Monday night.

She was still herself, happy to go out walking, even though she spent much of her time laying down in the shavings.

Last night Frank ponied Corli out and she was looking tired and her eye was swollen shut from the hard ground. Today he hand walked her a bit, couldn't pony her, so it was time.

I had Dr. Schilling look at her on Sunday and she recommended going to the equine hospital. On Monday, Dr. Etchart looked at her and recommended colic surgery, but he said if we couldn't afford it, he said Monday was not the right time for euthanasia.

I think we all needed to get used to the idea. And I needed the opinion of two different vets on the severity of the situation.

Corli gave me "a look" on Tuesday that made me wonder if she was saying "enough." She had the most incredible eyes, VERY large and deepset like Coromino's.

Such a beautiful young mare. I'll miss her terribly.

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Words from a German re Rohdiamant as the best Rubenstein son

certainly rohdiamant.
the statistics speak a clear language:
40 licensed sons
510 registered mares
73 of them stpr
251 registered sport horses in 2007and even more valuable:45 of his get competing in S-level.can't beat that number.
i googled the net out of fun these days for foals by rohdiamant: you can't find any for sale.

We have 2 Rohdiamont grandsons for sale, Zippy and Ripley.

Why shop for your horse in the USA? (copied from a forum)

At today’s exchange rate:
$50,000 US = 32,338 Euros
$75,000 US = 48,407 Euros

If you are looking at paying 32,000 Euros for the horse, it is probably priced BY ITS OWNER at 15,000E – 25,000E, with commissions accounting for the rest. If you are lucky and have very good contacts and a good agent, you could probably find a “decent” 7-8 year old in that price range.

If you are willing to pay 50,000E for the horse, it is probably priced BY ITS OWNER at 25,000E – 35,000E. That would get you something a bit fancier, or something with a solid M show record, or something not as experienced but with an AA temperament and still enough talent to make FEI.

... Just remember that importation to NY plus USDA quarantine is running about $7000 now.

More info on the famous grandsire, Libero H

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Zip training with Meg

Zip training with Meg